Architecture Studio
Stefan kaiser, AIA


Seattle, WA
77,000 SF - 75 units
Masonry Institute of Washington, Gold Medal; People's Choice, Runner Up

Steps from downtown lies the First Hill neighborhood--a walkable, bustling area distinguished by it's tree-lined avenues, medical and civic institutions, and brick-faced apartment buildings. Lexington is at home in this urban setting by incorporating masonry but with a unique, modern affect. Broadly, the building is comprised of two parts: one that confidently meets the corner of the intersection at Boren and James Streets, curved facade overhanging the sidewalk with an aquarium view of the lobby and lounge. The other part of the building is set back from the road to provide spacious ground-floor patios and playful balconies floating on higher stories. Elegant details abound from the precast concrete cornices and window elements to the floor-to-ceiling curtain wall glass.

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