Architecture Studio
Stefan kaiser, AIA


Seattle, WA
87,000SF - 102 units

When you extend reliable, quick light-rail service to downtown Seattle you make neighborhoods like the Roosevelt District the next-best place to be. From a design standpoint, Fireside Flats is all about efficiency and ingenuity. The property for this project is actually divided in half, two different zones with different setback requirements that prompt the question: how do you create something with a singular identity and still meet the requirements of two zones on opposite sides of the property? Our simple answer is tapering, serrating, repeating, and stacking. The street frontage has the lobby--complete with fireplace, of course--as well as residential porches, with the garage entry in between. Apartments on higher floors take advantage of smaller appliances and larger built-in cabinetry to maximize livability. Nearly 90% of the rooftop is covered with either amenity space or landscape plantings, with a view to the Space Needle, of course.

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